At the end of this month we begin the season that not only brings us to the close of our calendar year but of our church year as well. It all begins on October 28, Reformation Day.       Not long ago I was asked why, after all this time, do we even celebrate Reformation Day?

    There have been times I have asked the same question. Shouldn't remembering God's love and gifts given to us through our Lord Jesus Christ be enough? Yes, it is! Yet when I think about my faith, I remember all those who have witnessed their faith to me, taught me, and had patience with me when I struggled. I think about them often, and than God they were in my life, because without them I would not have seen Jesus for the truth of who he is--Savior of my life. 
    This is how I come to remember the witness who was willing to stand alone and say, "We are saved by the Grace that Christ has gifted to us through his cross and resurrection." This truth is what we celebrate each Sunday. Yet on Reformation Sunday, I once again remember the great love of Christ, who gave his life for us, and realize that one day I, too, may be asked to stand alone and speak the truth of my faith. On Reformation Sunday 2018, let us rejoice, give thanks, celebrate, and remember Grace Alone--Faith Alone--the Word of God Alone that tells us of all Jesus did for s, and how to live our faith among one another.  

Pastor Mary