Messages From the Heart is live!
     As a means to help our members and friends deal with the shutdown that has caused our church's doors to close temporarily, we present our weekly Messages From the Heart virtual church service. We are presenting our services as a "Facebook live" event, direct from our church sanctuary. If you don't have Facebook, the entire service will be available by early afternoon on our YouTube channel.
Here's how it works:
      1) Our services are now being live-streamed each Sunday on Facebook. Click on the link below for the bulletin. Downloading the bulletin to your desktop is recommended, because this will allow you to go to the Facebook page without having to open a separate window. If you are not comfortable with downloading the bulletin, then you will have to open a second window and use that to access the church Facebook page.
      2) Once you have downloaded the bulletin, log onto the church's Facebook page. There are two ways to do it: you can simply click on the blue button to the left, with the f inside, or click on the link below. You may then follow along on the service with your bulletin, going back and forth between the bulletin and the video as you desire. (Just like real church!) If you have chosen not to download the bulletin, then you will have to open a second window on your computer in order to access Facebook through that window, then toggle back and forth. Please note: if you do not have a Facebook account of your own, you will not be able to access the live stream of the service.
      The service will begin at 9 a.m. on our Facebook page. If you are not able to log on at that time, you may see it later on the Facebook page, in its entirety. Note: Watching it "live" allows you to interact with the service by typing in comments.
       If you do not have a Facebook account and don't wish to start one, you can view the service later in the afternoon on our church YouTube page. You do not need an account to access YouTube, simply click on the red button (with the white arrow) to the left. The service will not be available until about 2 p.m. Sunday due to the time it takes to edit the service and upload it to the site. 
    We hope this virtual service brings comfort and inspiration to you and your family during this challenging time for all of us. Remember, your Long Lake Lutheran family is always here for you!